An Apprenticeship is the employment alternative to studying full-time at college. It is a real job where you gain hands-on experience in the occupation you choose. You are treated as any other employee with a contract of employment and holiday leave. You will be expected to attend college either by day release or in a block to gain in-depth subject knowledge and practice your skills.  An apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who has a clear idea of the career they want.

Even if you have applied to college for an apprenticeship through PS16 you need to find your employer. Applying for an apprenticeship is like apply for a job; it has an employment process – you apply by CV or application form. You can find employer vacancies through the college you have applied to website, individual company websites or the National Apprenticeship website.

Apprenticeship websites:

Parents’ Pack : Apprenticeship Information
The new Parents’ Pack edition includes 4 key events to look out for this term, essential information on entry and apprenticeship levels.

This live feed is from the National Apprenticeship website: