In Years 7-11 we expect all students to wear full school uniform.
We want to make sure that students and parents are completely clear about what is, and is not allowed so that money is not wasted by purchasing inappropriate items.
We strongly recommend that all items of uniform are named so that they can be returned to the student if lost.
We believe uniform is important for several reasons:

  • It encourages the students to “dress for success”, to feel pride in the school and feel part of the school community.
  • It reduces the scope for competitive dressing, which can be a source of much unhappiness for some children.
  • It is practical and relatively inexpensive.


If a student attends school in uniform that does not comply with our guidelines they will be asked to change into other items provided by the campus, or asked to remove an item that is inappropriate. Failure to comply with a request will lead to further sanctions.


  • One pair of small sleeper or stud earrings is permissible
  • No tongue or facial piercings/rings /bangles/bracelets/necklaces
  • A standard watch is permissible—but not an iphone/apple watch


  • Light make-up is permitted, however it must be discreet.
  • No false eyelashes.
  • If staff decide that make-up is too noticeable, removal will be requested.


  • No acrylic/false nails.
  • No nail varnish (other than clear) is permitted.

Other Accessories
Belts, hairbands etc. need to be plain black and discreet.
Outer Wear
Hoodies may not be worn as a school coat.
All outside wear must be removed in school lessons, assemblies etc

Guide – Specification and How to Purchase

Equipment for Learning


Learning Resources – Revision Guides/Text books

In addition to standard equipment and stationery as detailed above, we may recommend the purchase of learning resources such as text books for English / revision guides / practice papers etc.

We have a school shop, selling such items throughout the year – please click on the link below to access the school shop and view the type of items stocked.

In addition, we will, from time to time, invite parents/carers to purchase customised guides/resources during a limited time period, which are put on Parentpay for payment to be made. Many items are discounted to their recommended retail price to benefit parents.