Our Vision is: “Valuing Everyone, Achieving Excellence” 

We want every student regardless of starting points to excel and achieve their full potential, both
academically and as a unique individual. We want to ensure we provide a world class education,
focused on academic rigour but one that also develops the whole student and doesn’t focus
solely on outcomes. For us character development is of equal importance to securing strong
examinations results.

We want all of our students to feel:

– Valued
– Loved
– Equipped
– Encouraged

We achieve this through our core values which underpin everything that we do:

– Community – Being part of something bigger than the individual
– Aspiration – Having high ambition which motivates you to work hard
– Resilience – Bouncing back from difficulties or challenges
– Excellence – Surpassing the ordinary, being the best you can be

We focus our approach around 3C’s:

Currency – Securing the highest outcomes possible for all students

Character – Developing well rounded citizens of a global community, through purposeful
character development. We make use of the LORIC model of character development.

L     Leadership
R    Resilience

Culture – Creating a safe, warm and meaningful community that allows all students to flourish

Within our community we respect each other, we show kindness and we live without harming

Our Motto is: “Work Hard, Be Kind”

Our campus Wildly Important Goal (WIG) for 2024 is:
“To ensure all outcomes are significantly above national averages”