Teaching and Learning

Our Vision for Teaching and Learning:

We are a proud and aspirational community whose goal is to be outstanding.  We believe in working together with students, staff, parents, partner schools and the community to achieve excellence for everyone.  Valuing and developing each member of the campus is central to our drive to be an outstanding campus for our local community.

Excellence means having the highest expectations of our students and their potential.  Each student’s achievement is guaranteed by outstanding teaching and learning which is creative and engaging for all.  No student will be left behind and we must challenge our students to recognise that true success comes from hard work.

In order to ensure that all learners value learning as a lifelong process the campus will ensure that all members of the community strive to promote an environment where all students are encouraged to realise their full potential through developing confidence, resilience and independence.

Outstanding Teaching & Learning at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus:

The Toolkits:

Modelling Outstanding Practice – click on the video links below:

Teaching & Learning Communities (TLCs):

We are part of an ongoing two year national research project and we were chosen from over 700 schools.

The project is led by the well known educationalist from University College London UCL Dr Dylan Wiliam and is sponsored by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the National Institute of economic and social research (NIESR).

It involves all teachers working in groups of 7 or 8. The groups are called Teaching and Learning Communities and they meet once per month after school.

The focus of the reserach is on developing strategies and methods that teachers  can use to give feedback to students. The feedback will give students advice on how to improve and lead to improved results for students.

The project is led by Mrs Mandy Bearne who has been to London to receive training from Professor Wiliam. Teachers are looking forward to using the materials provided by Dylan Wiliam with students this term.

RWCM – Reading, Writing, Communication & Mathematics:

Grammar help for Parents/Carers: