Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 August 2022

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Our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 in 2022 is 240. As at 1 March 2022, all parents/carers who have been successful in gaining a place for their child will have been notified by LCC and also by BGLC.

Between March and August we undertake the following steps to provide guidance to parents/carers and students, to ensure that transition runs smoothly and the students are well prepared for their journey through into secondary education:

  • An admission form is issued to gather parent/carer up to date contact information, plus background about their child – medical / special educational needs etc.
  • We invite parents/carers to set up an account for our communications platform, WEDUC. We are then able to email regular updates about transition arrangements direct to parents/carers.
  • We liaise closely with the primary school to gather information about each student, to enable us to provide support for them.
  • Our Head of Year 7 and SENDCO visit primary schools to talk to teachers and also meet the students and give them a guide of what to expect at BGLC.
  • At the end of June, we invite Year 6 students to attend our school for an induction/taster session. This is typically for 2 days. Students get to meet their tutor and other students in their classes. They will have lessons dedicated to providing them with a foundation of learning /our expectations, rules and processes.
  • Throughout the period, our staff are available by phone or email if parents have any concerns or queries:

Mrs Tina Rumming, Pastoral Manager and Head of Year 7: 
T: 0116 281 7016 (Direct Line) or 0116 2879921 ext.234

Mrs Michelle Tointon, SENDCO:     
T: 0116 281 7005 (Direct Line) or 0116 2879921 ext.288

Mrs Alison Hardy, Office Manager:

T: 0116 281 7001 (Direct Line) or 0116 287 9921 ext.278

Mid-Year Admissions

For Key Stage 3 and 4 – Years 7 to 11
Our operational admission number for Years 7 to 11 is 240. Once this number is reached a place will only be offered dependant on certain criteria which can be found in our admissions policy. If you are considering making a request to transfer to us during the academic year, please contact:

Mrs Alison Hardy, Office Manager:
T: 0116 281 7001 (Direct Line) or 0116 287 9921 ext.278

You will then be advised if spaces are available in the year group for your child and how you should proceed with your application. In year transfers requests should be made directly to Leicestershire County Council via an online application:

Admission Documents and Policies

Admission Form and Associated Documents
An admission form must be completed prior to a student starting at BGLC. The form and associated documents associated are shown here:

At BGLC we have adopted the admissions policy of our local authority, Leicestershire County Council. The policy includes entry criteria to the school, feeder school and catchment area details. Oversubscription, waiting lists and the appeals process is also detailed within the policy.

Admission to Year 7 in 2023

For the start of Year 7: All applications for a place to start in Year 7 at the commencement of the new academic year must be made by 31 October 2022.  They should be made to the relevant local authority according to where you live:

As BGLC is situated in Leicestershire, Leicestershire County Council are our admitting authority, applications made by residents of Leicester City Council are transferred from the City to the County Council.

Please use the links below to access a virtual tour and campus promotional video:

Prospectus – Key stage 3 and 4

Admission to Post 16

Key Stage 5Years 12 and 13

The entry criteria for students is 6 GCSEs at grade 4 or above in a range of subjects including English and Maths. To apply for Post 16 please apply through Positive Steps 16 (  You can apply through PS16 even if your current school has not registered.

If you require any further information regarding Post 16 study please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Post 16 Team: E: or T: 0116 281 7015

Please use the link below to access our Post 16 promotional video:

Prospectus – Key Stage 5

Course Guide