Extended lunchtime support for Year 11, please bring a packed lunch:

        • German Higher Tier takes place every Monday in BM1
        • German Foundation Tier takes place every Tuesday in BM1
        • French takes place every Tuesday in B18
        • Spanish takes place every Thursday in week 1 in BM1
        • Spanish takes place every Friday in week 2 in B19

In Languages, our curriculum is based on the belief that all students are entitled to the opportunity to learn a language and that language-learning is valuable in and of itself. We aim to equip our students for the next stage of their language-learning journey; whether that be communicating with native speakers in the world of work, being able to communicate when travelling, or continuing study to GCSE, A Level and beyond.

Learning to communicate in a foreign language and learning about the cultures in which they are spoken is vital for broadening our students’ horizons and their view of the world. We also believe it is a key component of academic success at all levels.

Languages is a subject that presents unique challenges to students and our curriculum is designed in such a way as to maximise success for every student. We draw on educational research, both general educational research and MFL-specific, in the design of our curriculum to enhance students’ learning and inform teachers’ practice.

All students also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, including pen pal exchanges, a residential visit to Normandy, a Spanish exchange and a French spelling bee. We aim to offer as many enrichment opportunities as possible in order to complement what we do in lessons and give students the chance to use language in real-life situations.

Year 7 students arriving at Brookvale Groby will be allocated to one language from either French, Spanish or German. Students will be allocated to a language, rather than asked to choose, due to timetabling constraints. Some top set students will have the opportunity to study two languages in Year 7, and all students will continue with their language/s through Years 8 and 9, to provide the best possible preparation for GCSE study.

Information for MFL blended learning:
All students in KS3 and KS4 should go to the COVID Blended Home Learning Classroom they have been invited to for their relevant year group and language. 

Open the file named Blended Learning and check the date for the correct week, topic and lessons. Then click the Google Drive link to locate the lessons. Make sure you download the PowerPoint rather than open it in Slides and also any worksheets. You can then hand this in on the Classroom for us to mark. You can do this by opening a google doc, writing your answers/work on there and sharing it with us OR doing your work on paper, taking a picture and uploading that to this classroom. Teachers will check this has been done at the end of each week.  

If in the event of whole year group isolation, teachers will endeavour to do online live lessons and invitations will be sent via the school email.
KS5 students will be contacted by their relevant teacher and work will be set on a one to one basis through the Google Classroom or via email. 

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Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11Years 12 & 13
- French
- German
- Spanish

A Level Subjects:
- French
- German
- Spanish