The Brookvale Groby Learning Trust

The Brookvale Groby Learning Trust is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) of two schools: Brookvale High School 11-14 and Groby Community College 14-19. Together these two schools are known as the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus. After an initial establishment period, the Trust will be open to other schools who wish to join, subject to an alignment of vision and values, the successful outcome of a thorough process of due diligence, and agreement around the terms of membership.

The Trustees who run the MAT have responsibility for all matters of policy, and are accountable to the Members. The Trustees oversee the work of all schools within the MAT. There is one Local Academy Board (LAB) for the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus and the LAB is accountable to the Trustees. Should other schools join the MAT it is anticipated that they will have their own LAB accountable to the Brookvale Groby Learning Trustees.

The governance structure is as follows:

  • The Members (5) meet once a year and are akin to the shareholders of a company. They have ultimate control over the Trust, with the ability to appoint some of the Trustees.
  • The Trustees (11) are the Directors of the Trust. This group meets five times per year and are responsible for the same three core governance functions performed by the governing body in a maintained school: setting the direction, holding the Headteacher to account and ensuring financial probity. The Trustees set the context within which the Local Academy Board operates.
  • The Local Academy Board (13) is accountable to the Trustees. The Local Academy Board meets four times a year to scrutinise the day to day work of the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus including the progress of students, the quality of teaching and learning and the personal wellbeing of the students. The Local Academy Board includes representation from Headteacher and staff.

For more information about our governance structure and dates of meetings, please see the subpages on the right hand side.