January and February Exam Result Days:

Y11 Cambridge National (Engineering Design and Sports Studies)
Thursday 16th March 2023
Y11/Y12/Y13 BTEC January Exams
Thursday 23rd March 2023
Y11 BTEC February Exams
Thursday 6th April 2023

Summer 2023 Exam

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If you have any queries please contact Mrs Hollingsworth, Exams Officer (exams@brookvalegroby.com)


Please contact exams@brookvalegroby.com to arrange for a suitable day and time to collect your certificates. If you wish to nominate someone to collect these for you, please also email exams@brookvalegroby.com

It is extremely important that these are collected.  These are legal documents that colleges, universities and employers will want to see original certificates.  If you misplace these, they cost between £40 and £55 each to replace (depending on exam board).

Posters you will see outside and in the examination rooms

Unauthorised items                                       Warning to Candidates