The Performing Arts faculty offers opportunities for personal development in a wide range of areas: the opportunity to develop self-confidence working with others; the opportunity to present oneself effectively in front of others and to appreciate the presentation of others in a respectful way; the opportunity to be creative and explore and develop skills with the voice, the body and instrumentally. We aim to develop skilful individuals who are capable of being creative in exploring a range of topics, who can successfully create, develop and bring work to performance, and who have an understanding of the breadth of Performing Arts which is woven into society through music, theatre, film, tv and dance. This is achieved through a wide range of both curricular and extra-curricular provision.

In Performing Arts we believe that all young people should have the opportunity to perform on a stage or to learn the language of Music through practical hands-on experience. Our curriculum embeds these strands of creativity and performance through all of our disciplines.

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This is our extra curricular timetable for the Autumn 2023 term – Extra Curricular
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Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11Years 12 & 13
- Drama
- Music (GCSE)
- Performing Arts (BTEC)
A Level Subjects:
- Music (BTEC)
- Performing Arts (BTEC)