Work Experience: Monday 5th July – Friday 9th July 2021

Year 12 students are encouraged to participate in the Enrichment Programme. The Blue Award consists of activities related to experiences of the workplace. Work experience is a vital part of our Post 16 programme and offers students a chance to gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience of a work environment. This experience will form an integral part of their UCAS personal statement or CV for their applications at Post 18 and universities. Employers consider work experience as an essential element of the selection process. Students also receive feedback from the employer and this can be used as a reference to strengthen any applications they may make in the future.  We have set aside time in the teaching calendar to facilitate a week of work experience from Monday 5th July to Friday 9th July.

Brookvale Groby Learning Campus is working in partnership with the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) to organise one week placements for our students.  LEBC has been organising work placements for students across Leicestershire for more than 20 years and are the leading practitioners in this area.

These are the options available to students for sourcing work experience: 


The first option is LEBC finds the placement for the student. The student fills out a form indicating the areas of employment they would like their placement in, and the LEBC will find them an appropriate placement. They will carry out all the Health & Safety Checks and ensure all insurances are in place for the duration of the placement. The cost of the LEBC placement is £58.

Students need to register their interest via email to Hayley Dymond, our campus Career Advisor: LEBC will then issue each student with their own login to the LEBC work experience website in order to fill out the application form. The deadline for expressing interest is Friday 1st October 2020. The online application has to be completed by Friday 22nd October 2020. The parental/carer consent and payment has to be received by Friday 5th November 2020. Forms need to be completed and handed in to the Post-16 Office or directly to our Campus Careers Advisor.


This entails the student finding their own placement opportunity and the employer filling out a self-placement form. This is then passed onto the LEBC who will ensure all Health & Safety checks are completed and insurances are in place for the duration of the placement. The cost of a self-placement is £51.

It is essential that the student contacts employers when looking for a placement, not the parent, as some employers have said they are unlikely to offer a placement unless the student has the initiative to make the call themselves.


This option requires the student to find their own placement with a family member either in their own business or in their place of work.  The parent/carer is responsible for ensuring that the employer has the appropriate risk assessment procedures and employers liability insurance in place, and the parent/carer takes full responsibility for the student during the work placement. There will be a form to fill out and sign from the Post-16 office, but there is no charge for this as the responsibility will be fully with the parent/carer. The deadline to complete the form for this option is Friday 5th November 2020.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Please note that some placements may require a DBS check and this could cost up to £60. This check is carried out through the company you have the placement with and so the payment is payable to them. Common places which may ask for a DBS includes: schools, hospitals, care homes, childcare settings, anyone who works with vulnerable people and social care.

Should you have any queries regarding the work experience placements please do not hesitate to contact: Hayley Dymond; Careers Advisor E: 
Tel: 0116 287 9921 Ext: 295

For details of this process please refer to the documents below: