The Brookvale Groby Art and Design Technology department strives to promote a happy, creative and engaging learning environment for all students. As a team we are passionate about Art and Design Technology and hope to inspire and support all of our students to be creative, innovative, to take risks, to become resourceful and independent learners. Our schemes of work have been designed to include a wide range of skill building activities that will enable students to embrace their unique talents.

Disclaimer: ‘The ADT Faculty reserves the right to change teaching plans as appropriate in response to government and exam board guidelines and information, and student need’.

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Years 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11Years 12 & 13
- Art (GCSE)
- Food Preparation and Nutrition (GCSE)
- Graphics (GCSE)
- Product /Engineering Design
- Textiles (GCSE)
A Level Subjects:
- Fine Art
- Design
- Graphics
- Photography

The ADT teams’ Vision and Ethos:

  • To develop individual students’ skills, abilities, resilience and self-belief.
  • To present equal opportunities for all.
  • To promote creativity, imagination and independence.
  • To provide opportunities to promote students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.
  • To develop understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of art, design and technology as well as understanding its role within our society (aspiration and community).

The campus core values of Community, Aspiration, Resilience and Excellence are at the heart of ADTs values and staff will discuss these when applicable in lessons to form links and ensure that students see the relations to these and the areas that we teach.


We take health and safety very seriously at the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus in ADT and undertake detailed risk assessments for all our activities to try and minimise the risk of accident and injury within the studios and workshops.
It is crucial that your child listens carefully, is sensible and follows studio rules to avoid distraction.

As a department, we reserve the right to withdraw your child from practical work if he/she knowingly behaves in a way that endangers their own safety or that of others
Make sure your child is prepared for each lesson with a full set of relevant equipment.
Make sure your child is prepared for food lessons with the correct ingredients.

Please help us to minimise risk by taking the following precautions at home:

  • Inform us of any allergies, such as food or chemicals at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Ensuring your child has the right equipment on the right days.
  • If your child needs to bring glass or ceramic dishes into school for specific recipes e.g. lasagne, they need to be suitably protected to minimise the risk of breakages.
  • Make sure all high risk foods are refrigerated as soon as they arrive home.
  • Do not allow art, textile or resistant material products to be put near fire.
  • Products made in art, design and technology have small components with sharp edges and should therefore be handled responsibly.