Challenge at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus

Our High Prior Attainment (HPA) coordinator oversees the progress and attainment of the most able students on our campus.  The following strategies have been implemented this year to support those students:

  1. HPA reps have been given data folders that contain intervention and identification data for their faculty. These folders have given faculties more ownership and understanding of our HPA and how our HPA data is recorded.
  1. The mentor programme has become a formalised part of the leadership qualification and we have facilitated mentor training this year. Each faculty leader has also had data on the mentors in their faculty area.
  1. We have continued to attend the VESA ‘Applying to Oxford or Cambridge’ event at QE and the ‘Preparing for interview’ and ‘Medicine Evening’ at Beauchamp College. This has helped individual students in the early entry programme.
  1. HPA students have been clearly identified on BRAG sheets and on seating plans with challenge evidenced. There has been the addition of the ‘Talented In’ section of the BRAG sheets to allow teachers to identify students who are particularly able in their subject. This has been especially effective for Art, Design and Performing Arts.

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Developments last year:

  1. In becoming a MAT, the two schools have linked data systems and the progress of key groups of students can be tracked from Year 7 to Year 13. Our target is for the enrichment programme to begin soon after a student arrives on campus and continue into Year 13.
  1. A range of Widening Participation (WP) trips have taken place this year, with students from the campus visiting at least four universities. Six year groups have been involved in these trips.
  1. We continue to focus on making Brookvale and Groby a ‘Hub’ for Oxbridge and medicine talks for schools within the local area and as part of the TELA framework. The planning for this is already in place and our aim is to have the first session early in next academic year.
  1. We are continuing the Early Entry / Oxbridge work that we have been doing over the past two years with a continuous increase in the opportunities for those students.


Mrs Purdon, is our HPA Coordinator:

Ms Gajjar will be covering Mrs Purdon’s maternity cover during the Autumn 2021 term: