Click HERE to view information on ‘National Stress Awareness Day 2021’ – 3rd November 2021

10 TOP TIPS for staying well during revision and exams

Here at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus the wellbeing of all our students is a central campus priority.

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Are you worried about your Child’s Behaviour or Mental Health?
Happy Maps have reliable resources recommended by Parents and Professionals.
Find helpful resources according to Age:

  • Click here to view our Mental Health Campus Strategy.
  • Click www.healthforteens.co.uk for a useful link from our School Nurse Service.
  • Click here for the Children’s Mental Health Week (1 – 7 Feb 2021) pdf for Secondary Schools
  • Click here to view a leaflet for Young People on Mental Health Support during COVID-19  
  • Click here to view a Self Care Plan guidance booklet  

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  • Click here to view a guide for Young People on Mental Health Support in Leicestershire  
BGLC Student Wellbeing Insta page: BGLCyouthwellbeing

BGLC Student Wellbeing Twitter page: @BGLCwellbeing     

Other useful sites:

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What is on your child’s computer information poster: