Tutor Reading Programme

In September 2022 we are launching our Tutor Time Reading Programme, involving all students across campus and with lots of opportunities for families and members of our local community to join in too.

At BGLC we believe that reading for pleasure and reading for progress are key to a student’s success in school and beyond.  The TTRP is designed to introduce students to a range of excellent texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that will foster their love for reading.  The books chosen cover many genres, including traditional and modern classics, and have been written by some of Britain’s best loved and award winning authors.  It works alongside the BGLC canon developed by the English department.  

The programme is very structured and has the following principles which are based on the latest reading research:

  • The tutor will read to the students, role-modelling excellent reading skills such as pace and expression
  • Tutors will also explain the more challenging vocabulary and give the students any necessary contextual detail
  • The students will each have a copy of the book and will follow along as the tutor reads
  • Students are expected to use a ruler to track the tutor’s reading, line by line, by using a ruler or bookmark
  • All students in any given year group will be reading the same text and so students will be able to share with their friends their opinions and responses to the books

For the latest updates about the books we are reading please use the following links:

The Year 7 list can be found here

The Year 8 list can be found here

The Year 9 list can be found here

The Year 10 list can be found here

The Year 11 list can be found here

The Post 16 list can be found here

How can you support your sons and daughters?
Be interestedAsk about the book regularly. You could ask about the characters, the key events, or ideas and themes explored in the book.
Be sensitiveThe books are challenging and your son or daughter might want to discuss some of the issues explored in the books.
Be an exampleMake sure you are positive in the way you talk about your own reading - whether it is for work or for pleasure.

Adult Literacy

Jay Blades from BBC’s The Repair Shop

At BGLC we aim to give outstanding support to developing readers.  However we are aware that many adults in the UK were not well supported in school and many have struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia, for example.  There are also many adults, especially in a wonderfully diverse city such as Leicester, who may not have English as their first language.

If you would like support with your reading skills, the following link will help you find a course to suit your need:  https://readeasy.org.uk/ 

Reading can be the toughest challenge, as Jay Blades explains in the BBC documentary ‘Learning to read at 51.’  If you’d like help finding support to improve your reading skills, please call reception and ask for Ms Lee or call 0116 287 9921 ext 225 and leave a message.