Here at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus we are supporting all students
by providing them with training to access to the Zumos website.

All students will have their own Zumos login (ask your Tutor for further details if you do not have one) which when signed in will display our Campus logo in the top left hand corner.
Ask your child to show you!Β 

Click on the logo or website URL below for more details:Β 

Β  Β

Zumos’s mission is to measurably improve world happiness!

Zumos was first conceived in 2006, in answer to the question, β€œWhat can I do that will touch the world in a positive way immediately?”. Since then, a core team of passionate individuals have brought together panels of psychologists, educational psychologists, counsellors, doctors, consultants, subject-matter experts, mental health services, universities, colleges, city councils, expert writers, leading headteachers, directors of education, a whole array of collaborators and charities and of course end users to develop an expert-written, peer-reviewed system that delivers all the techniques they believe we can use to build a happy life.


Mr Greg Godwin, Deputy Headteacher – Pastoral