Oxford or Cambridge Early Entry Programme

The Early Entry Programme runs from the first term of Year 12 until December in Year 13.  For Year 13 students with interviews after December, 1:1 support sessions can be organised.

The Early Entry Programme is applicable to any students who are applying to Oxford or Cambridge University as well as any student who is looking to study either  Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary science/ medicine.

Throughout the programme those Year 12 and Year 13 students will be given the opportunity to attend a range of meetings, visits to other colleges and universities, presentations and student-led groups to help them in their journey towards their application.

Throughout this journey, I will be in regular contact with students and parents to ensure that all students are given the best chance possible to achieve their place.

Mr Luke Allen
Oxbridge & Early Entry Co-ordinator

E: lallen@brookvalegroby.com