Year Term 1Term 2Term 3
Year 12Unit 3 Ensemble Music Performance:
- Exploring the skills needed for rehearsals and ensemble performance
- Looking at how to interpret an original musical piece
- Develop ensemble performance skills
- Planning rehearsal schedules
- Ensemble performance showcase

Unit 4 Composing Music or Unit 6 Solo Performance:
- Composing
- Examine compositional techniques
- Explore original musical material
- Develop an original composition.

Solo Performance:
- Explore the skills required for a solo performance
- Develop skills for a solo performance
- Follow a practice routine
- Carry out a solo performance.
Year 13Unit 1 Practical Music Theory and Harmony:
- Examine the signs and symbols used in musical notation
-Explore the application of melodic composition based on musical elements
- Explore the application of chords and cadences for composition or arrangement
- Produce correct musical notation for performance

Unit 2- Professional Practice in the Music Industry:
- Understand the importance of professional practice in the music industry including legal requirements and health and safety
- Exploring different roles with the music industry, and organisations
- Looking at the skills need to work with the music industry
- Presenting ideas to others