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Year 12Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963
● The Weimar Republic- Years of Crisis and Stability (1919-1929)
● The Rise of the Nazis and the Fall of the Weimar Republic
● The Third Reich- Politics, Propaganda, Economics

The Early Tudors
● Henry VII- threats to his throne, control over England, economics and foreign policy
● Henry VIII- his reign before 1529, Cardinal Wolsey, the divorce and Break from Rome, Religious Change and opposition

Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963
● The Third Reich- Volksgemeinschaft and the Racial State
● The Third Reich at War- Economy, Society, Opposition and Resistance
● The Post War division of Germany
● West Germany and the Adenauer Era- politics, the Economic Miracle, Adenauer’s Fall

The Early Tudors
● Henry VIII’s role in Government after 1529, Faction in the 1530s and 1540s, Foreign Policy in the 1540s

Mid Tudor Crises
● Edward VII, Somerset, Northumberland and key events
● Key events in the reign of Mary
● The stability of the monarchy - Edward’s Age
Democracy and Dictatorships in Germany 1919-1963
● East Germany - up to the construction of the Berlin Wall

Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1963
● Chronology of Russian leaders- Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II, The Provisional Government, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev

Mid Tudor Crises
● The stability of the monarchy, Mary’s gender
● Factional conflict for Edward and Mary
● Social and Economic developments under Edward and Mary- including unrest/ protest
● Religious change in the reigns of Edward and Mary
Year 13Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1963
● Alexander II Interpretations
● The Provisional Government Interpretations
● Khrushchev Interpretations
● War and Revolution Theme
● Nature of Government Theme

Y100 Topic Based Essay (Coursework)
● Coursework proposal form
● Source Record Form
● Coursework planning doc
● Coursework drafting
Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1963
● Completing Khrushchev Interpretations
● Completing Nature of Government Theme
● Economy and Society Theme
● Nationalities and Satellites Theme

Y100 Topic Based Essay (Coursework)
● Coursework first draft
● Coursework final draft
Revision and Exams