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BGLC COVID correspondence:
COVID Update letter | 1.4.22 [pdf]
Living with COVID Guidance | 1.4.22

Campus Key Measures

In Summary our key measures are:

  • Hand sanitation stations in all rooms and entrances to the site(We would encourage all students to carry their own sanitiser as well)
  • Rooms have where possible been reconfigured into rows and tables spaced
  • Face coverings are worn in all communal spaces and encouraged within lessons
  • Holding bays have been created for all rooms outside the two sites, to minimise any time waiting in corridors – students will be collected by their teaching staff and escorted into lessons in a safe and orderly fashion
  • Additional cleaning staff have been appointed to enhance cleaning regimes between lessons and throughout the day
  • All staff have been briefed on the safety procedures and our movement plan
  • Students have been encouraged to remain outside as much as possible – weather permitting.
  • The school is ventilated whenever possible.
  • CO2 monitoring is taking place in classrooms.
  • Signage to promote hand washing.

Latest correspondence to all Parents/Carers: