Work Experience: Summer 2022 for Year 10 students

Some students may find it beneficial to take part in a Work Experience Programme.  Brookvale Groby Learning Campus is working in partnership with the Leicestershire Education Business Company (LEBC) and are offering all Year 10 students the opportunity to apply for a one week work experience placement during their time on campus. LEBC has been organising work placements for students across Leicestershire for more than 20 years and are the leading practitioners in this area.  We would expect any student who wishes to complete a placement to do this during a holiday.

The cost for a student to take part in Summer 2022 is £58 per placement.
For this price LEBC will:

  • Set up the work experience placement trying to meet each student’s preference including workplace assessment of health, safety and welfare arrangements.
  • Send parents a contract agreement which sets out the job description and generic young person’s risk assessment which each student will take to interview.
  • Should you wish to organise your own work placement LEBC will carry out the checks for a cost of £51.

We believe strongly that work experience is of benefit to the students, it will encourage independence, develop confidence as well as giving a taster of the world of work.

The cost to take part in a Virtual Work Experience for 2022 is £17.50 per placement.
For this price LEBC will:
  • Set up the student with an account on a secure website.
  • Allow the student to have access to the materials for the whole of the summer holiday
  • Each student can choose two sectors to explore
  • An employer will feedback on the student’s project

Should you have any queries please contact:

Hayley Dymond; Careers Advisor E: