As the UK enters a second lockdown, we have some advice that you can share with the families that you work with. Although schools remain open this time, parents may still be concerned about their child’s emotional wellbeing — we’ve signposted lots of useful resources that can help support families. We’ve also put together some creative ideas to help parents find new ways to mark special occasions during this time.

Supporting a child’s mental health during the pandemic

Parents may be particularly concerned about the effect a second lockdown will have on their child’s mental health – whether or not they have experienced problems before. Here’s some advice on how to support a child’s emotional wellbeing at a time of uncertainty.

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How to celebrate special occasions during lockdown

Schools may be open this time, but it’s still not possible for young people to mark special occasions in the same way as before the pandemic. It’s important that they aren’t left feeling like their lives have been put on hold again. Here’s some advice on how to provide a few hours of light relief during a stressful time.

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