It has been lovely today to see many of our Year 11 students who came into school to collect their results.  We have been able to celebrate some great individual achievements with them and are happy to share their excitement about moving on to the next stage in their lives.

This has been a very unique year for students and one that none of us envisaged when we started the academic year.  We were really looking forward to our students in Year 11 being able to complete the year and show what a fantastic and hardworking group of students they are.  We have had some great results over the last few years and were expecting the same from our Year 11 students.  After all the uncertainty that surrounded last week’s A Level grades I am pleased that these students will be given grades that we know are robust, fair and reflect the great effort shown by our Year 11 students during their time at the Brookvale Groby Learning Campus.  We are immensely proud of the grit and determination they have shown throughout this year and know they would have excelled had exams run as normal.

We want to congratulate every single one of them for what they have achieved, and I hope they can all progress to the next chapter of their lives confident in their own abilities and knowing they can make a difference.  It’s been a complete privilege to have worked with such a wonderful cohort and I wish them every success moving forward.  I know they will leave with many great memories of Brookvale Groby and we look forward to welcoming many back into Post 16 next year.




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