Over Easter Ewan Pantling; Year 9 student competed in the World Hunter Field Target championships at Kelmarsh Hall in

Northamptonshire in which he came 2nd in the world in the junior class. Over 360 competitors took place in the event organised by the

World Hunter Field Target Association.

Hunter field target competitions are simulated “hunting” using target air rifles to shoot metal targets (rather than live ones) which are

silhouettes of small animals such as rats and squirrels and birds like crows and pigeons (all classed as pests). The 30 targets are set over a

course in woodland at various distances and heights with different size “kill zones” within the shape to make them as difficult as possible,

taking into account the trajectory of the ammunition and wind strength and direction.

The competition took place over two days, shooting 30 targets each day, on two different courses. At the end of the two days Ewan and

another junior competitor were tied for 2nd place which meant that they had to take part in a shoot off. This involved shooting 3 targets

at different ranges in front of the other competitors. After winning the shoot off Ewan won the 2nd class trophy in the under 17s category.

Ewan has been competing in HFT competitions for just over a year and has already accumulated a nice collection of medals and

trophies. He is competing in the UK national series this year as well as other events.

The photo above is of Ewan receiving his trophy.