Eugene Lambert author talk

Eugene Lambert author talk

30 Year 7 students visited English Martyrs on Wednesday 15th November to listen
to a talk by the author Eugene Lambert as part of the Literary Leicester
festival that the university organise.

Lambert talked of his trilogy of books, specifically the first in the series ‘The Sign of One’ and how he turned his initial idea into a series of novels. The students learnt how to develop a small idea into a larger one, adding detail as you go. Lambert discussed how to make your creative writing believable – even when it takes place in a make-believe world – through interactive story building activities.

The morning ended with a question and answer session with Lambert
where our students contributed thoughtfully and politely.

Once again, it was a delight to take our students out and ‘show-off’
how fantastic they are both in attitude and behaviour.

Miss Straw, Assistant Faculty Leader