Core Maths: Level 3 Mathematical Studies.

We follow the AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies course in one year. Usually studied in Year 12, it can also be studied in Year 13. The course helps to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking, and supports courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences and Geography as well as technical and vocational qualifications.

Year Term 1Term 2Term 3
Year 12Analysis of Data:
- Types of data
- Collecting data
- Measures of location (averages etc)
- Measures of spread (range, inter-quartile range, standard deviation)
- Grouped data diagrams (box and whisker, stem and leaf)

Maths for Personal Finance:
- Introduction to spreadsheets
- Interest rates – simple and compound rates

- Fermi estimations

Critical Analysis of Data:

Critical Path and Risk Analysis:
- Critical path analysis – activity networks, Gantt charts

Recap of GCSE materials:
- Equation of a straight line
- Perimeter and area
- Circumference
- Pythagoras
Analysis of Data:
- Representing data – histograms
- cumulative frequency graphs
- identifying and interpreting measures of location and spread

Maths for Personal Finance:
- Solution to Financial Problems –
inflation, RPI, CPI, exchange rates, budgeting
- Repayments and credit – student loans, mortgages, APR
- Taxation – VAT

- The modelling cycle

Critical Analysis of Data:
- Analyse critically

Critical Path and Risk Analysis:
- Expectation – probability, Venn diagrams / tree diagrams
expected outcome/value

Recap of GCSE materials:
- Surface area
- Similarity
Analysis of Data

Maths for Personal Finance:
- Taxation - income tax, National Insurance


Critical Analysis of Data

Critical Path and Risk Analysis:
- Cost benefit analysis
- Expected value, control measures, using expected costs to make decisions