We are extremely happy to be celebrating alongside our students today as they receive their results.

We are so proud of our A Level students and what they have achieved in the face of adversity.Β  They are to be commended for the resilience they have shown, the determination to succeed and the way in which they approached their exams, having missed this vital experience at GCSE.Β  We are delighted that the majority of our students are able to progress to their 1st choice destinations and our amazing students have secured places with top universities to study a wide variety of courses including Medicine, Cyber Security, Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, Law and Veterinary Physiotherapy.

We have seen many students achieving phenomenal grades this year and making real progress across all their courses, but this isn’t the year to post percentages and highlight the exceptional success of individuals, as we believe all our students have succeeded.

Our community was impacted significantly by the pandemic and these students lost more learning time than many others across the country.Β  What they have achieved as a cohort is to be applauded and we wish them all every success in their future endeavours.Β  I would also like to say a special thank you to all our staff who worked tirelessly to support our students through these challenging times, going above and beyond to make sure success was inevitable.Β  I am also very grateful for the support from all our parents and carers who we have worked in partnership with us over these past years to make sure their children have flourished.Β  Without their support we wouldn’t be seeing the great results we have today, it’s been a real team effort.

Well done the BGLC cohort of 2022, you have much to be proud of.

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