3M Young Innovators Challenge

Three teams from across Years 7-10 took part in the prestigious 3M Young Innovators Challenge w/c 16th April week.

The teams had to construct a tower that was as slender as possible and could support up to 10kg.

They also had to showcase their tower and produce a presentation to two knowledgeable judges from Loughborough University’s Civil/Building Engineering Department.

Fantastically, all three teams made the final of the event having wowed the judges with their towers themed around a lighthouse, Big Ben and the planet Jupiter.

Team Lightbringers, comprising Katie Carvin and Charlotte Penlington from Year 7 and Poppy Maynard-Smith from Year 9 showcased a great theming idea and a slim and lightweight tower.

They made great use of Duck Tape as a strengthening material, building on Poppy’s experience in last year’s competition.

Space-Tek, comprising Amber King and Ewan Pantling of Year 10 and Jess Penlington and Jack Mosley of Year 9 produced a beautiful design referencing both the planet Jupiter and the conspiracy theory that aliens produced the Pyramids.

Their tower, whilst holding the least weight of the three, nevertheless looked amazing and was extremely slender.

Team Big Ben Boss Tower, comprising Amelie Golesworthy and Ethan Pantling from Year 10 and Isaac Mwenya and Abbie Palmer of Year 7 showed fantastic innovation in their hopper design – using just kebab sticks and wool – and a picture perfect Queen Elizabeth II mounted atop the tower.

Their team held the most weight and produced both a great tower and a fantastic presentation.

All three teams showed great spirit and teamwork in challenging situations and the four team Captains (Amber, Jess, Poppy and Amelie) lead their teams brilliantly, following on from their experiences as losing finalists in last year’s competition.

The final, where the winners will be announced, takes place in a grand celebration event on the 15th June 2018.  Good luck!

(Pictured L – R: Amelie, Jess, Alex, Poppy and Amber)